His Grandfather warned him, “Don’t look or you’ll go blind!”

Amazing Secrets Suppressed For Centuries Allow You To Overcome Any Obstacle, Become a Money Magnet, And Attract Passionate Love Into Your Life

Now you can learn to unlock your own “secret” power, a power you’ve always sensed was within you.

This is the same healing energy revered by the greatest Spiritual teachers, an energy that you’re destined to harness.

If you’ve ever wanted to change the situation in your life, you are about to discover (like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz)… that everything you need is already with in you and all you need to do is flip the switch… keep reading to find out how you can access the healing forces of the Universe..

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein, and until very recently I was clueless these forces even existed. I had a access to a tradition which deliberately concealed this information — until I accidentally stumbled upon the pieces of the puzzle… and as soon as I began to connect the dots…my life began to change very rapidly.

And it’s been the same way for everyone who uses these simple techniques and a transformation I see is on the horizon for you as well.

Now, you stand on the cusp of unlocking your own “secret” power, a universal ability that I sense you have felt in moments of quiet intuition or in a sudden surge of inspiration.

It’s the same energy that the greatest Spiritual teachers of all time have accessed, a power that unites us across different walks of life.

Now it doesn’t matter what religion you are – or even if you have no religion – these techniques will work for you because they are universally effective.

If You Look, You’ll Go Blind

And I’m not the only who noticed these secrets have been hidden.  If you can remember the original Star Trek series, you’ll recall the role of “Mr. Spock” was played by the actor Leonard Nemoy.  The series was one of the most popular on television and even spawned six movie sequels.  Spock’s popular greeting was holding up his hands with his fingers spread wide apart like the picture on the right. 

Nimoy’s Vulcan salute has its roots in ancient traditions—rituals that you may have witnessed or felt a connection to in your own life. It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how symbols transcend time and culture, resonating with a deep sense of the sacred that’s part of our collective consciousness?

The actor Nemoy learned this symbol when he was a little boy in temple with his grandfather.  The priests went up to bless the congregation and everyone pulled their prayer shawls over their heads so they wouldn’t see.  A legend has it that if you look at the fingers of the priests during the blessing, you’ll go blind!  (In many synagogues, people actually turn their backs on the blessing so they don’t accidentally look!)

Incidentally, this gesture dating from the Bible is still used today in an unbroken tradition thousands of years old.

The universality of these secrets, which you might have glimpsed in a church, a congregation, a yoga studio or even a quiet moment under the open sky, suggests a shared source of wisdom that has only been partially revealed to you—until now.

So why don’t more people know about Finger Healing…

Keeping These Secrets From The Masses

This was a pattern that occurred across various beliefs and times. You’ve likely noticed that many spiritual traditions have rituals and teachings that aren’t fully disclosed to everyone, suggesting a universal truth that’s only given to those who seek earnestly.

According to ancient Christian traditions, raising hands was part of prayer and healing as well.  Most early representations of Jesus show his hands raised in blessing.

Jesus FH
Virgin Mary FH

In the picture on the left, Mary lifts her hands in the “Orante” position seeking to bring down the power of heaven on earth. The Orante is a figure with open arms, a symbol of the soul at peace in paradise, a representation of the soul in the other world as a figure (orante) with arms extended in prayer.

 The raising of hands in blessing, depicted in Christian art and mirrored in various cultures, likely strikes a chord with you. It’s a gesture so universal yet so personal, reflecting a human yearning for connection with something greater.

But as Christianity spread, something unexpected happened.  Missionaries encountered cultures that used these same symbols for their ancient gods.  For example, most of the Nordic gods were pictured with similar hand positions as you can see in the picture on the right.

Today, hand motions in prayer have been returned to Christianity but they were suppressed for centuries.  In fact, some of the most popular images today of Christians at prayer include upraised arms.

More than Judaism and Christianity, every major religion has used hands and fingers as incredible symbols. These gestures likely echo with you, as they do with so many, suggesting a shared heritage of human expression and spiritual practice. 

Your Hands and Fingers Connect You To Power!

• Native Americans greeted people with an upright hand. They raised their arms in prayer exactly the same way Christians do even though the cultures were completely independent. • In the Far East, almost every single culture brings their hands together in the universal greeting of Namaste.




• In Islam – which grew in total opposition to the images of its Christian neighbors to the West and its Indian neighbors to the east, we find similar symbolism. The hands and fingers together become a powerful connection to Allah.
• In the Bible, when God sent the plagues upon the Egyptians Pharaoh’s wise men responded, “It is the finger of God.” And when the Jews stood beside the Red Sea as it split they saw “the hand of God.”

Incredible Symbols Equal Incredible Power

Hands and fingers have been powerful symbols that convey all of our emotions.

  • We seal our love with a ring on the third finger on our left hand because it is believe a blood vessel goes directly from that finger to the heart.
  • We greet people with a handshake in a universal symbol of greeting.
  • An entire generation in the 1940’s took two fingers and made them a symbol of future hope in an Allied victory. Led by Winston Churchill’s V symbol, the image spread around the world.
  • Fast forward to the 1960’s and the anti war activists tapped into that identical symbol and turned it into a message of peace.
  • Every politician knows hand gestures are important. When they are conveyed with sincerity, they are long remembered. But when they are insincere, they become an image of scorn.
  • If you speak in public, non-verbal communication counts more than what you actually say. The message your hands deliver is extremely important.

In every clasp of the hands, every wave goodbye, and every standing ovation, there is a story being told. Your story, rich with emotion and intention, is conveyed through the silent power of your hands, a power that I believe you are ready to explore and expand upon.

This is for anyone who is…

  • Feeling lost in life’s chaos, searching for a beacon of clarity and direction.
  • Dreaming of a future where uncertainty is replaced with confidence and purpose.
  • Exhausted by the weight of grief, seeking a gentle path to healing and peace.
  • Eager to find that special someone or reignite the spark in current relationships.
  • Burdened by unanswered questions about loved ones who’ve passed, longing for a sense of connection.
  • Desiring a career that doesn’t just pay the bills but fulfills a deeper calling.
  • Struggling under the shadow of a curse or misfortune, yearning for a life of good luck and happiness.
  • Hoping to uncover the mysteries of their unique spiritual journey, for a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Wrestling with addictions or habits that hold them back, craving freedom and control.
  • Wishing to solve the enigma of bizarre, unexplainable life events with clear insights.
  • Desperate to break free from the shackles of fear and anxiety, looking for a path to courage and calm.
  • Seeking the truth in situations clouded by mystery or deceit, for a sense of justice and resolution.
  • Tired of the relentless search for lost objects or missing people, wanting resolution and closure.
  • Imagining a life where they understand and embrace the lessons from their past lives.
  • Frustrated with traditional healing methods, searching for a holistic approach to physical and mental wellness.
  • Longing to feel a connection to something greater, to explore the spiritual dimensions of their existence.
  • Yearning for a sense of closure from past relationships or events that still haunt them.
  • Dreaming of a day when self-doubt is replaced by a profound sense of self-awareness and confidence.
  • Desiring a connection with the universe that fills the void of loneliness and disconnection.
  • Seeking an authentic and meaningful way to navigate life’s complexities, looking for guidance that resonates deep within.

And so much more so…

You Can Tap In To The Power In Your Hands

Intrigued by these symbols, I began a search and discovered the world’s most powerful change techniques are literally at your fingertips.

I found there were specific finger positions which would bring about rapid change into anyone’s life. After speaking with a few friends and demonstrating these techniques, I was amazed to hear their feedback to the original Finger Healing program:

gold buddha statue on brown textile
Alice Tova, Toronto, Canada.

Two months ago, I couldn’t get a date. Now I’ve met the man of my dreams and we’re getting engaged tomorrow night. I just had to share this with you.”

Bryan Evans Port Jefferson, New York.

I was about to declare bankruptcy because I was drowning in debt. I thought the whole finger thing was silly but I figured, “What the heck.” Well, I’m completely debt free in under six months. Thanks Harlan.

Matthew Polin Baltimore, Maryland

My wife and mother-in-law were driving me insane. I used the “Overcome all obstacles” symbol every night for a week. Out of the blue, my father-in-law got into his head to move to Arizona. Now, my wife doesn’t see her mother every day and life has gotten much better. This worked in just 3 days.”

Marci Tanners Memphis, Tennessee

My eight year old son was struggling in school because of his ADHD. His teacher put him in a corner of the room and refused to teach him. I taught him the finger healing symbol you suggested and the principal came in to the room – the very next day – and saw my son in the back of the room. He got upset and transferred my son to a new classroom with a better teacher. You made a little boy very happy.

You might not have a similar situation as those mentioned, but within you, there is the same potential for change, the same capacity for creating positive shifts in your life.

Now, as you reflect on these stories, imagine what it would be like to tell your own tale of transformation. With the world’s most potent techniques just a finger’s touch away, you stand at the threshold of change.

Unleash Your Power!

Today, we stand at a crossroads where the suppressed becomes revealed, where the symbols of antiquity find new life in our modern search for meaning. This is not just history; it’s your story, unfolding and connecting you to the vast tapestry of human belief

This is a universal language that speaks of unity, strength, and healing – qualities I know resonate with you.

Now It’s Your Turn

You know, it’s not every day that we come across something that has the potential to shift our perspective and impact our lives profoundly. I sense a readiness within you, a readiness to delve into new depths of your own capabilities.

I’ve put together a set of four videos showing you how to use some of these incredibly powerful finger healing symbols.  Here’s the breakdown of what you get:

  • Video Number One: I reveal a bit more of the history of finger healing symbols, how they were hidden, and what you must do to make them work in your life. You’ll also see how these symbols have surfaced in every major religion, revealing a shared spiritual lineage that I sense you have always been part of.
  • Video Number Two: I reveal the all powerful “Overcoming Obstacles” symbol and how it is best used. Plus, I lead you on a guided meditation as you tap in to the power of the Universe.  Discover the symbol that transcends religious divides and empowers individuals like you to navigate life’s challenges. This symbol has been a beacon of hope across various faiths and now it shines for you.
  • Video Number Three: I’ll show you the symbol you can use to attract money or anything else you want into your life. Plus, my guided meditation – Financial Housecleaning – will put the Law of Attraction on steroids.
  • Video Number Four: Bringing Love Into Your Life. This one took a great deal of research into the symbols of ancient Tantra and Casmir Shavism (an ancient Indian-Tibet system with strong parallels to Kabala.) This simple symbol used along with the meditation will change even the most drastic situation.

I see these methods not just as tools, but as a journey of enlightenment that can lead to profound personal growth, regardless of your background. It's a path I believe you are meant to walk.

Four Powerful Videos – One Low Price

Four Powerful Videos – One Low Price Because so few people have ever heard of finger healing, I want you to be one of my agents. So I’m introducing Finger Healing at a shockingly low price.

But here’s the deal: when you get the results you want, I want you to tell a friend about this site.  In return, I’m giving you – right now – the deal of the century.

I charge $297 for a one on one personal change session.  That makes the value of this package $1188 but I wouldn’t dream of asking you for that.  Why? Because that would limit some people and I believe these finger healing symbols have been hidden for too long.

So instead, I’m let you get your fingers on these four videos for just $97.  (That’s right – just $97 for the whole set of four!)

Plus, you can pay with Paypal if you wish which is the one of the safest way of paying online.  You are 100% protected and we never see your credit card information.  

The “Year of Transformation” Guarantee

Embarking on the journey of Finger Healing Mudras is not just a learning experience; it’s a commitment to your personal growth and well-being. To ensure that you can embark on this journey with the utmost confidence, we offer our unparalleled “Year of Transformation” guarantee.

A Full Year to Discover: Unlike typical 30-day guarantees, we provide you with a full year to immerse yourself in the practice of Finger Healing. This extended period allows you to truly integrate these practices into your daily life and witness their transformative power across all seasons and life changes.

Deep Impact or a Full Refund: If, even after a year of dedicated practice and engagement with our course, you don’t feel a profound change in your mental clarity, emotional balance, or overall well-being, we will offer you a complete refund. We stand by the transformative potential of our teachings and want you to feel their impact to the fullest.

Ongoing Support and Engagement: Throughout this year, you’re not alone. Our commitment extends beyond the lessons. You’ll receive continuous support, additional resources, and community engagement opportunities to enrich your journey. This ongoing support ensures that your learning and growth are nurtured every step of the way.

Why a Year? A year-long guarantee reflects our confidence in the lasting impact of our teachings. It gives you ample time to practice, reflect, and grow, which shorter guarantees simply can’t offer.

The door is open to reshape your life. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Finger Healing with the peace of mind that this journey is guaranteed to foster real change, or your money back.

Bottom Line: We want these finger healing symbols to work for you.  And we know they will.  So order today at the Introductory Price and start experiencing the power of your fingers in just a few moments.

Leap Into Your Future

So what can you expect after applying Finger Healing?

Ancient Practices Boosted Executive's Confidence

Amanda felt crippling anxiety in presenting in high-pressure marketing before executives. Desperate for solutions, she discovered Dr. Kilstein’s finger healing videos online. Amanda decided to start applying these unique practices daily through breathing exercises and hand gestures intended to calm the mind.
When faced with a pivotal boardroom presentation, a high-stakes talk that would normally spiral Amanda into panic, she utilized the ancient finger healing method right beforehand. To her own and everyone’s surprise, Amanda delivered her presentation with remarkable poise and confidence that wowed the executives.

Librarian Finds Love and Joy through Ancient Healing Practice

Marcus, a solitary librarian, discovered Dr. Kilstein’s finger healing video and began practicing the Attracting Love mudra in his library. Skeptical at first, he envisioned love and connection, hoping to transform his life. His interactions with others gradually warmed, altering the library’s atmosphere from solitary to inviting.
This change led to an accidental meeting with Elara, a graphic novelist passionate about romance novels. Their conversations evolved from casual book chats to deep, meaningful connections, blossoming into a profound love. Marcus’s journey with finger healing became more than a quest for love; it was a gateway to personal joy, love, and fulfillment.

Finger Healing isn’t just another technique; it’s a transformative journey that opens doors to new possibilities in your life.

Just like all those who held back from displaying the greatness hidden within, you too have the power to rewrite your story.

This ancient practice is more than just motions and breaths; it’s a key to unlocking a life filled with deeper relationships, unexplored passions, and a joy that resonates from within.

With blessings,

Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.

P.S. If you were skeptical, I can understand that. I was too. I’m just asking you to set aside your skepticism for a few weeks to take these Finger Healing sessions for a test drive.  You’ll be glad you did.

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