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10 Signs You’re Misusing the Law of Attraction: Success Course Correction

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Ever wonder why you’re not getting what you want, even though you’re using the Law of Attraction? You’re not alone. It’s possible you may be misusing it without even realizing it.

In this article, I’ll shed some light on the 10 warning signs that you’re not using the Law of Attraction to its full potential. I’ll share insights to help you understand where you might be going wrong and how to get back on track.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start manifesting the life you desire, then you’ll want to keep reading. This might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

10 Warning Signs You’re Misusing the Law of Attraction

What’s holding you back from manifesting your desires? It’s easy to assume you’ve been diligent in applying the Law of Attraction. Still, subtle yet fatal blunders could be pulling you off course. Here are the ten red flags indicating you’re not utilizing this powerful law to its maximum potential.

First: you’ve excessive attachment to your desires. It’s important to know what you want, but overwhelming anticipation can create a barrier. This generates a high-energy frequency of desperation, forcing the Universe to respond to your anxiety instead of facilitating your genuine desires.

Second, you’re not maintaining consistent, positive thoughts. If your mind continuously flip-flops between hope and dread, it’s a clear sign you’re not using the Law of Attraction correctly. Constant negative thoughts will only bring about undesirable outcomes.

Thirdly, when you deny your intuitive feelings and stay within comfort zones, you prevent growth and manifestation. The magic happens outside the comfort zone, where enormous opportunities lie.


  • Lack of gratitude
  • Not visualizing your goals effectively
  • Feeling unworthy of receiving what you want

are all indications of misuse. We can’t overlook the pivotal role of self-love in the manifestation process. You must feel worthy of your desires to fully attract them.


  • Unwillingness to take action
  • Not learning from setbacks
  • Giving up too soon

can derail your manifestation journey. Remember, action is a crucial element of the Law of Attraction. If you’re willing to take calculated risks, setbacks will become stepping stones to success.

Finally, the tenth warning sign is a disbelief in your power. This lack of self-confidence can negate all your efforts. Understanding your potential is central to bolstering your attraction prowess.

Sign 1: Lack of Clarity in Your Desires

The first pitfall on the road to successful manifestation is a lack of precision in your desires. In speaking of this I’m referring to having unclear, vague, or non-specific goals. We may utter statements like “I want to be rich” or “I’d like to be more successful.” But these phrases lack specificity. What does rich or successful mean to you? There’s a stark difference between vague wanting and precisely knowing what you aspire.

When you’re facing difficulty in manifesting your desires, it’s vital to reflect on the exactness of your goals. If they’re vague you’re sending out mixed signals to the universe. Such cloudy communication won’t bring about the outcomes you’re seeking.

Consider this: the Law of Attraction operates on the principle of like attracting like. If you’re not clear about what you want, your energies will be scattered. You’ll end up attracting a mishmash of experiences that may not align with your core desires.

So, how would you add clarity to your desires? Firstly, articulate your desires in specific, measurable terms. Instead of saying “I want to be rich”, you might say “I aspire to earn $10,000 monthly passive income from my investments within the next five years.”

Blocking ThoughtClear Intention
I want to be richI aspire to earn $10,000 monthly passive income
I’d like to be more successfulI aim to become the top salesperson in my company

It’s helpful to write down these specific goals and review them daily. This serves as a constant reminder, aligns your subconscious mind to your conscious desires, and helps hold you accountable. There’s power in clarity. With a clear vision, you can focus your energies effectively and successfully employ the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

The next time you catch yourself declaring a vague intention, take a moment to pause. Try to zero-in on what you truly desire. Define it. Understand it. Own it. And then let the Law of Attraction do its magic. Remember, the Universe responds to clear, confident signals. Be clear about your desires, and the universe will clear the path for you.

Sign 2: Focusing on What You Don’t Want

Another common pitfall in the journey to master the Law of Attraction resides in a focus on undesired outcomes. Ironically, this can stem from a well-intended aim to steer clear of unwanted situations. Nevertheless, the Law of Attraction doesn’t differentiate between what you want and what you’d rather avoid. It solely aligns with the energy frequency you radiate. The universe interprets negative thought patterns as your writing on the wall. It’s your instruction to manifest scenarios you’d likely classify as undesirable.

For instance, if you’re earnestly hoping to evade financial struggles, you might find your thoughts swamped with worries about bills, debts, and overall lack. Ironically, these concerns amplify the fear associated with financial instability. Eventually, it’s this fear factor that your mind projects as your manifestation directive to the universe. With such negative energy medievalists in play, the Law of Attraction pulls you magnetically towards the feared financial struggle. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To alter this course, it’s crucial to shift your focus onto desired outcomes. If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, channel your thoughts on abundance rather than a lack. Envision yourself being able to live comfortably, able to save, and having enough to share. Maintain this positive visualization routinely, and you’ll align your vibrations with prosperity.

To ensure you’re on the right track, check-in with your feelings regularly. Your emotions serve as an indicator of your current energy alignment. Positive feelings suggest alignment with desired circumstances while negative feelings can signify a focus on undesired outcomes. It’s a simple and effective method to keep your manifesting efforts in check. Consistently applying this positive shift in focus can propel your Law of Attraction mastery to unprecedented heights.

Sign 3: Doubt and Lack of Belief

Here’s another major warning signal you’re off track with leveraging the Law of Attraction – Doubt and Lack of Belief. Yes, it’s as if you’re stepping on your own foot even before starting to run. To manifest what you aspire for – be it happiness, health or wealth – belief is fundamental. This law connects with your profound beliefs and the energy you cast.

You may ask how doubt interferes with the Law of Attraction. It’s simple – doubt spawns negative energy. This energy defers and displaces the positive vibes required for realization. So, if you’re experiencing a continuous cycle of unmet desires, check for any lurking doubts or disbelief within you.

But that’s not all. Let me explain why disbelief is also a major problem. It’s not just about thinking, “I can’t manifest my desires”. Rather, it’s about not fully trusting in the Law of Attraction’s power. And such distrust acts like a roadblock on your journey to manifestation.

Moreover, doubt and disbelief can form an underlying energy pattern that weakens your manifestation process. So, look closely for signs of doubt, questioning, or disbelief. The best way to find them? Check how you feel about the process. Your feelings are the best indicators of your inner state.

Here are a few simple strategies to dissolve your self-doubts and bolster your belief in the Law of Attraction:

  • Trust: Make it your habit to trust the process.
  • Practice: The more you use the Law of Attraction, the more you strengthen your belief.
  • Seek Evidence: Look for small signs that the Law works.
  • Affirm: Regularly affirm your desires to nurture the feeling of having them in reality.

So remember, doubt and lack of belief interfere with your Law of Attraction journey. Don’t let them steer you off course. Instead, arm yourself with belief and trust. They’ll fuel your journey towards successful manifestation.

Sign 4: Inconsistent Practice and Commitment

Inconsistent practice and commitment is yet another warning sign that you’re misusing the Law of Attraction. This law isn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process that requires your consistent attention and commitment to see results.

If you’re sporadically applying the techniques, you can’t expect a steady flow of positive outcomes. It’s like heating water – you turn off the heat before it starts boiling, and you’ll never get to see it bubbling. Applying the Law of Attraction is no different.

Intermittent efforts won’t yield consistent results. A lackadaisical approach signals the Universal Energies that you’re not really committed to what you’re trying to manifest. Hence, you find yourself in a manifestation rut.

To turn this around, adopting a daily Law of Attraction practice is crucial. It needs to become part of your routine, like brushing your teeth or making your bed. This might sound challenging at first, but with conviction, you can get there.

Creating a daily Law of Attraction routine involves making time for techniques like visualization, meditation, gratitude journaling, and affirmations. Repeated practice strengthens and embeds these behaviors:

  • Visualization solidifies your end goal.
  • Meditation aligns your energy with the Universe.
  • Gratitude journaling fosters positive feelings.
  • Affirmations reinforce your belief.

Your action plan shouldn’t be a burdensome obligation, rather, make it enjoyable. Find what suits you and stick to it. Consistency is key.

Harmonizing your energy with that of the Universe requires persistent and unwavering effort, not detached or erratic attempts. Unlock the true power of the Law of Attraction by maintaining a habitual and consistent practice. Ready to move onto the next misstep? I’m sure you’ll want to avoid that too. Let’s dive into it.

Sign 5: Ignoring Your Intuition

We often underestimate the power of our intuition. We’re so entangled in our thoughts and decisions, we tend to disregard the inner voice that’s typically right. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, bypassing your intuition can hold you back from reaching your true potential. It’s an incredibly handy tool I use to guide and assess the energy I’m putting out into the universe.

Ignoring your intuition can not only foster self-doubt but also make you lose trust in the Law of Attraction. Your intuition is an internal compass, guiding you towards your true desires. It intimately knows what you want, and often sends you signs through emotions or unexpected opportunities. Colorful dreams, gut feelings, sudden shivers – these can all be signals from your intuitive self, trying to guide your actions and thoughts.

Being in tune with your intuition is critical to mastering the Law of Attraction. It helps decipher if you’re genuinely aligned with your desires or just mindlessly reciting your affirmations. If you ignore it, you might find your manifestations aren’t reflecting your true wants and are instead full of what you think you’re supposed to want.

Don’t underestimate the signals your intuition sends, big or small. All those times you’ve had a gut feeling that something was right (or wrong), that was your intuition guiding you. Learning to listen to these signs will help get you back on track.

In your shift to becoming an authentic manifestor, understanding the spectrum of your feelings is fundamental. Here are some strategies I deploy to better harness my intuition:

  • Daily meditation: I take time daily to clear my head and hear my inner voice.
  • Journaling: I track and interpret different feelings, emotions, and signs that arise throughout the day.
  • Quiet time: I ensure I have quiet periods during the day to reflect and tap into my intuition.
  • Listening more: I take note of the initial gut response I have to various situations.

By following these practices, you’ll build a stronger bond with your intuition, enriching your Law of Attraction journey. Developing a healthy appreciation for your intuition will build self-trust, dispel doubts, and allow you to better harness the Law of Attraction.

Sign 6: Holding onto Limiting Beliefs

I’ve seen cases where long-held limiting beliefs hinder the effective use of the Law of Attraction. The mind is a battleground, and your thoughts and beliefs define your reality. Your belief system affects what you attract, and it’s in your power to control this aspect of your life. If you hold tightly to negative, limiting beliefs, you’ll attract that same negativity into your life.

I often see people stuck in a rut due to their limiting beliefs. They’re convinced they can’t succeed, they’ll never be wealthy, or they’re simply undeserving. The power of these crippling beliefs can’t be underestimated; they can keep you from achieving greatness and living the life you dream of. When aligned with the Law of Attraction, it’s imperative to make a conscious effort to uproot and reform these beliefs or risk attracting a reality reflecting them.

Here’s a table to help visualize some common limiting beliefs in different life areas:

AreaLimiting Belief
Personal Growth“I’ll never be good enough.”
Relationships“I will always be lonely.”
Financial Freedom“Wealth is evil.”
Career Growth“My dream job is out of my reach.”

Thankfully, there are strategies to effectively tackle these limiting beliefs. Start by acknowledging their existence, as this is the first step in addressing the problem at its roots. Then follows understanding the source of these beliefs and challenging their authenticity. Oftentimes, they stem from past experiences and ingrained perceptions that aren’t necessarily based on truth or reality.

Reforming these beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations can substantially enhance your Law of Attraction journey. The new empowering beliefs will serve as a beacon, attracting positivity and success towards you.

Next, we’ll look deeper into the crevices of another misstep I’ve noticed people commonly making—the pitfall of getting lost in superficial desires.

Sign 7: Resisting Change and Taking Action

If you’re not seeing the desired outcomes, it’s time to acknowledge another distressing sign: resisting change and taking action. This resistance often aligns closely with holding limiting beliefs. They both breed a paralyzing fear of change.

When we fear change, we become restricted. We stagnate our progress and, unfortunately, attract stagnancy in other areas of our lives as well. Holding onto fear as an everyday routine, we play it safe. We avoid taking calculated risks that might otherwise bring abundant opportunities. As a result, we misuse the Law of Attraction, letting our fears drown our dreams.

It’s not enough to visualize your goals; taking decisive action is crucial too! This step carries your signal into the universe, manifesting your call into an actual change. It can be as simple as facing a fear, picking up a new hobby, or initiating an important discussion. By evoking action, you are creating a clear path towards transforming your dreams into reality.

In the Law of Attraction, your thoughts, feelings, and actions need to align. But when you find yourself resisting change and taking action, you’re only aligning with stagnation and fear.

Here are some cues hinting that you’re resisting change:

  • You find it hard to push your comfort zone boundaries
  • You often procrastinate the initiation of a new project
  • You’re afraid of failing.

Let’s delve into various strategies to overcome this resistance, move from fear and into action, and eventually realign with the Law of Attraction. First, recognize your fear of change. There is no need to deny it. Once recognized, challenge it. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Gradually, you’ll start to see that the fear is often more intimidating than the actual consequences of change.

This journey isn’t easy, but progressive steps can smoothen your path. Write down your fears, talk about them, or seek professional guidance if required. Remember, change is a natural part of life and can lead to significant personal growth.

In the end, accepting and embracing change is necessary to harness the true power of the Law of Attraction. When you align progressive action with your dreams, you’re able to live the life you’ve always envisioned.

Sign 8: Neglecting Self-Care and Self-Love

In our journey to manifest our dreams, we often undervalue the role of self-care and self-love. It’s a fundamental principle that the energy you give out is the energy you receive. If you’re not treating yourself with kindness and respect, if you’re ignoring your own needs, it’s difficult to foster an environment where positive manifestation thrives.

It’s important to remember the value of self-love and self-care when dealing with the Law of Attraction. Often, in the pursuit of our desired reality, we might neglect our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s essential to note that your personal wellbeing plays an integral part in attracting positivity.

Here’s how self-care and self-love affect the law of attraction:

  • When you love yourself, you send out vibrations of love and acceptance. This is one of the key elements to trigger the Law of Attraction.
  • Regular self-care helps maintain positive mental and physical energy, which aids in attracting good things into your life.

Neglecting self-care and self-love is a common warning sign of misusing the Law of Attraction. Instead of creating a positive, welcoming place for your desires, you might end up radiating negative energies.

So, how can you take a proactive approach towards self-love and self-care and amend your ways? Here are some tips:

  1. Prioritize self-love. Recognize your worth, and show yourself some understanding and grace.
  2. Introduce self-care routines. These could include physical activities like jogging or yoga, mindfulness practices like meditation or journaling, or even simple actions like taking breaks and getting enough sleep.
  3. Emanate positivity. Try to look for the bright side, always speak kindly to yourself, and maintain a positive attitude.

Remember, the Law of Attraction isn’t just about attracting what you want. It’s about attracting what you are. So, let’s make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, focusing on fostering self-love and self-care routines, and maintaining our energetic alignment with positivity and wellbeing.

Sign 9: Seeking Validation from Others

Let’s dive into another critical warning sign: Seeking Validation from Others. This problem arises when you’re continually looking for approval, appreciation, or recognition from outside sources.

We’re social beings, and it’s totally normal to seek validation from people around us. Acknowledgement of your actions, responses to your achievements, or simply being told you’re on the right path can make you feel good. But when you’re letting others’ opinions dictate your feelings or steer your Law of Attraction journey, things might not be so cut-and-dried.

Remember, the Law of Attraction thrives on self-belief. You’re drawing in energies that match your own. If your focus is on what others think or feel, rather than your own inner feelings, you’re likely attracting mixed signals. You’re potentially impeding your progress.

Consider these factors:

  1. If you’re seeking validation from others: Are you doing actions to impress or gain approval from other people, rather than what speaks to your heart?
  2. If your happiness relies on what others think: Do you derive joy from others’ reactions toward your achievements rather than feeling an inner contentment?

Answering these questions honestly will give you insights into your validation seeking behaviors. Journaling might be an excellent way to explore these feelings. It can help you redirect your focus toward creating an environment cultivates self-approval and validation.

You have the power to validate yourself. It’s an essential component in transformational self-love and self-care. Remember, it’s your journey with the Law of Attraction. Stay true to yourself, cherish your own opinions, and believe in your path. That’s the real beacon to attract the life you desire.

In the next section, we’ll discuss another common pitfall “Sign 10: Ignoring Intuition”.

Sign 10: Impatience and Desperation

We’re moving on to the tenth warning sign, impatience and desperation. I’ve noticed this pitfall quite often in those just starting their journey with the Law of Attraction. It’s easy to expect things will rapidly change overnight. But when expectations don’t meet reality, it can lead to feelings of impatience, desperation, and even downfall in utilizing the Law of Attraction.

Firstly, let’s just note this: the Law of Attraction is not a magic wand. It will not provide instantaneous results. This is not a sprint; it’s more of a marathon. Patience is key here. Understanding this can guide us towards a more effective and healthy use of the Law of Attraction.

It’s important also to remain calm and composed, even when the results are not coming as fast as you’d hoped. Desperation indicates a lack of trust in the process, creating negative energy. Remember, the Law of Attraction works on vibes and energy. Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude becomes crucial.

I’ll recommend some exercises that can help when the feeling of impatience and desperation creeps in:

  • Mindfulness activities: Practices like meditation, yoga, or even a simple walk in the park can help calm your mind. Engage in activities that promote patience, calmness, and positivity.
  • Gratitude journaling: Write about what you’re presently grateful for. It instills positivity and assures you that you are indeed attracting good things in life.
  • Affirmations: Daily affirmations help nurture patience and dispel desperation. Affirmations like “I trust the process” or “I am attracting good things at the right time” can be beneficial.

Look at these signs of misusing the Law of Attraction as a learning opportunity. Instead of viewing them as a deterrent, see them as a chance to re-evaluate and adjust your approach. We have only ourselves to blame for our impatience. Remember, only in the calm waters things can settle. The journey towards achieving the success you deserve does not end here. There’s more to explore, more to learn, and more to achieve.


So, you’ve spotted the warning signs that you’re misusing the Law of Attraction. Don’t fret! It’s not about perfection, but progress. Seeing these signs is a positive step in your journey. It’s a call to realign your thoughts and actions with your desires. Remember, the Law of Attraction isn’t a quick fix. It needs time, practice, and patience. Let’s embrace mindfulness, gratitude journaling, and affirmations to keep impatience and desperation at bay. Use these signs as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep growing. Your path to success is a journey, not a destination. Let’s make it count!

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Dr. Harlan Kilstein is a certified yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, and a teacher of the Law of Attraction since 1975.

After an immersion in yoga and his certification by the Yoga Alliance, he began studying mudras and invented Finger Healing.

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